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Nau: The cutest snack in town

With the cheekiest facebook content and visual, Daniel Rahman, Shariyar Sakib Rahman, Farhan Aziz, Naorose Ali and Fahim Hossain have banded together to bring you a cozy eatery just behind Edith on Road 15 in  Banani. They accumulated their love for Japanese culture and incessant need for snacking to bring you Nau. Intending to have an effect of the present, the word is originally Japanese.

Nau emergerd as a result of being inspired by a Korean street delicacy known as the Korean Egg-Bread and these five individual’s common love for snacking.

An interesting fact about how Korean Egg breads are made is that they are made by using a special machine that made its way to Bangladesh with a Bangladeshi who had lived in Korea for a long time.


So, the entrepreneurs hunted the man down and got themselves a custom Egg Bread making machine. 

The beloved Nau currently comes in three flavors: Number 10(Nutella+Nau Sugar), Keesh(Mushroom+Cream+Beef+Leek) and Kreamcheese(Cream Cheese+Nau Sugar)

The store and the brand is currently looked over by 5 individuals: Sakib, Daniel, Farhan, Naorose and Fahim.

Sakib, Daniel and Fahim look ever marketing, business relations and administration.

Farhan handles the designs, while Naorose takes care of all things culinary.

3 out the 5 entrepreneurs (Daniel, Sakib and Farhan) used to be in same band (Fulbanu’s Revenge) growing up, and Naorose and Fahim were close friends of the band from a long time ago.  

It’s a beautiful sight seeing people who have been friends for more than 15 years come together to grace Dhaka with its newest little savory snack.

Nau hopes to introduce coffee along with seven new flavors by the end of this year.

The entrepreneurs feel that Nau could really be an on-the-go breakfast solution for students and individuals rushing to work in the morning and act as a shot of energy coupled with their special coffee.

What makes the Nau so special is the fact that everything starting from the dough, to the filling, is all exclusively and freshly made by the store.

Asides from being an innovative snack, the boys foresee the snack becoming extremely popular with kids who want something savory, quick and non-spicy.

When asked what the biggest challenge they faced was, the group responded with telling us how they are still struggling to explain to the consumers what Nau is. As it is a fairly new concept, they believe it will take some time to catch on, but once it does, we expect only good things!


Daniel jokingly said, “If anybody asks us what we sell, we subtly say that we sell Korean egg breads with a twist”.

The restaurant business has been booming since the past decade and the people at Nau absolutely love the fact that there is so much healthy competition out there, which constantly drives them to excel at their craft.
While they are exploring and reinventing, the team also worries for consumer’s safety in Bangladesh. They believe food hygiene, health and safety are departments this country could really clean up their act in. 




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