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Off The Grid Food Places You Need To Visit This Weekend

Long drives, fun adventures and good food. That sounds like the perfect weekend. Instead of  hopping on the car and heading over to your regular favorite food place, you could have an adventure revolving around you discovering amazing new food.

We suggest you plan the forthcoming weekend ahead and prepare your taste buds for the time of a lifetime. 


Dhaka has a diverse food culture. Each area of Dhaka offers a unique flavor palate and local specialty. There are so many hidden gems and off the grid places that have mouthwatering food.

This weekend, we suggest you go over to: 


Puran Dhaka

Puran Dhaka, is the heart of Dhaka itself. From architectural wonders to the narrowest of alleys, Puran Dhaka is filled with hundreds of year-old culture and heritage. It is filled with street food and landmark restaurants everywhere. 


You can start off the weekend morning with a bakorkhani dipped in a cup of tea. Hot bakorkhanis from the oven will melt in your mouth.


The refreshing drinks of Puran Dhaka are to die for. Your trip to Puran Dhaka would be a waste if you don't visit Beauty Lacchi. Lacchi and Faluda have also been known to be quite famous around these parts. 


Puran Dhaka’s Haji Biriyani is famous all over Dhaka for its amazing taste and the real one is at Becharam Deuri, Puran Dhaka.


Another thing Puran Dhaka is famous for is Kababs. Bismillah kabab has one of the best chaaps in the city. For various types of kabab you should visit Agamashi Lane.


If you have a sweet tooth you'll love the oversized Jilapis and the softest Pera Shondesh of Puran Dhaka.

And for heart-filling kacchi, you can always visit "Grand Nawab" and "Kolkata Kacchi Ghor" pairing your dish up with some badaami (a tasty beverage) available at Grand Nawab.

Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University is just an hour drive away from Dhaka. It has an amazing environment and what makes it even better is the food.

The campus is filled with food shops. There are multiple shops selling tasty bengali lunch. What makes these shops so special is its variety of Bhortas. You are bound to find at least 20 types of bhortas here. Each one is unique in terms of flavor and texture.



 300 ft Road

300 feet road has become a favorite place for many Dhaka dwellers. It gives a fresh view, away from the hubbub of the city. Filled with green trees and white dandelions.


300 ft offers the cheapest sweets. What makes it special is not the price but the amazing taste. 


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