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Worst fashion trends to ever hit Bangladesh

The Prestige brings you an assortment of the worst fashion trends to ever hit Bangladesh, and we sincerely hope you agree. 

Here we go:


1) Baggy pants: Wouldn’t you like to forget about the times you spent dragging your pants across the streets of Dhanmondi, Banani, and Gulshan? Well, we’re glad that phase has passed as well. Baggy jeans - the all flowing, all ruffled, and the most millennial statement kids wore during the 2000’s have made it to the top of our list for the worst fashion trends to ever hit Bangladesh. Endearingly called cargo/mobile pants, baggy pants used to come in jeans and gabardine which could be found on the shelves of the local clothing store or on the teenager next door.

2) Rat-tails: You might not remember 2010 all that well, but we definitely do. And the worst thing about it were these babies.


Concerts, restaurants and if you were unlucky enough, even in your very homes - rat-tails were everywhere. It was a youth-statement, a rebellious plight, and just god awful to look at. We never stopped wondering why they were so popular and why they sometimes came in different colors. Rat-tails were exclusive to men only in Bangladesh and we thank the Lord that they are not around anymore.  

3) Imitation of the Chola Lipstick: Last on our list is the imitation of the Chola, the origins of which range back to US- residing Mexicans, the lipstick make up style rocked by the Mexican gangster ladies also seemed to have been rocked by Bangladeshis a couple of years ago. The style of it would be donned as drawing a lip line of a deep color and covering the rest of the lips with a slight brighter color to complete the look. We bet you remember seeing at-least a dozen of these growing up.


We hope these fashion trends rest in peace for all of eternity.

Till then, keep it trendy, keep it real!


You. Yes, you.
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