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How to Let Go of Body’s Hidden Stress


Chronic stress is starting to be considered a silent killer as it hinders our immune system from working efficiently. It is a common contributor to diseases such as depression, heart diseases, cancers, obesity, etc. With increasing problems and workload, and that too during a pandemic, we have adjusted to living our lives in constant anxiety. We should understand that stress is a reaction and that we may unknowingly hold on to stress in the following parts of our bodies:


  • Jaws: Clenching our jaw or grinding our teeth is a sign that our nervous system is in a survival mode. It could cause headaches and so, make sure to let your tongue rest against the roof of the mouth and behind the front teeth. Also, keep our lips gently closed and your teeth slightly apart.


  • Neck: Stress is contained in the neck, causing it to tighten. Overwhelmed with stress can lead to muscle problems in the neck, making it ache with discomfort. The best way to deal with it would be to use intuitive meditation that calm the brain, affecting how we hold our neck.


  • Shoulders: “Don’t carry the world on your shoulders” is said because we tend to raise our shoulders, and jut our head forward, when we’re emotionally fatigued, giving a defeated posture to those around us. Talk to a therapist, or at least a trusted friend, to share your burden.


  • Chest: We feel out of breath because our lungs and diaphragm don’t expand completely. The former is constricted and the latter is dome-shaped. Take 3 deep breaths every hour to gain relief from stored stress.


  • Stomach: When we’re nervous, our gut gets clenched. And if we’re stressed for prolonged periods of time, or overstressed, it can lead to major stomach issues and diseases. To prevent this, do simple exercises, especially stretches, before starting the day.





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