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Why Do You Keep Getting Friend-zoned?

A question, of course, we have all asked ourselves, at least at one point in our lives.

Dear boys and girls,
How often do you come across someone who seems like the perfect match for you? Someone, who you want to spend the rest of your life with, bring breakfast in bed, take shopping and buy pets with?

We might know the person from afar, or might already be in some sort of relationship with that person. He or she may be your friend from school, your batchmate, or your elder sibling’s friend. And they are great. A bliss to observe, and spending time with them is all that you think of. But the moment you pop the question, “Can we be more than friends?”, something goes wrong and boom! Welcome to the friend zone buddy.

You have been nice all your life, the nice guy everyone appreciates. Including the one you are trying to woo. But this very ‘nice guy’ label might be the very reason you got stuck in the friend zone in the first place. So, what’s wrong with being nice? Truth be told, nothing. If you’re nice, people admire you. People will stick by you; you will have friends and whatnot.  But there’s a fine line between “being a nice guy” and being apprehensive, unconfident and ‘too’ humble. Believe it or not, these come off as unattractive and needy. Being nice can sometimes cause you to “let the other guy go first”. It can make you wait too long and miss the perfect moment and it can even let him or her, bring a date to an event you planned for each other. The word ‘nice’ is too far stretched. Therefore, people these days turn rude and adopt arrogant approaches. So, is that the answer? Be rude and arrogant? Of course not! 


Getting someone to like you more than friends, starts when you make them feel attracted to you. The good news is, you can be nice and attractive at the same time. It’s about knowing what you want and acting on it. If you’re going to wait forever to ask that friend of yours out or if you tend to wait for the first approach, you will run out of time. If you can’t tell them properly what you want and how you see them, they will never get the message. Being confident and knowing what you want is attractive. Confidence doesn’t wait for the perfect moment; it creates the perfect moment. Take the first step, be the first to knock them up. Compliment her eyebrows, listen to his favorite song. Show them that you are ready to be more than just best friends or besties. So, if you’re still struggling to let that special someone know how you feel, just TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Nicely and with endeavor. Oh, and don’t forget to smile

You. Yes, you.
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