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Watch The Celebs Stand Against The Racial Uproar


The ongoing movement has caused many celebrities to come forward and show support. They are now standing beside the Black community and are helping them in 3 ways: Donations, Protests, and Sharing Awareness.


Stars Making Donations


  -  A dress belonging to Rihanna and ASAI, a London-based fashion brand is being sold, the money for which will be donated to 3 charities supporting the BLM movement.


  -  Both Drake and The Weeknd made generous donations to organisations fighting for racial equality after their friend, songwriter Mustafa Ahmed, asked them to contribute at least as much as he did.



  -  Chrissy Teigan, Seth Rogers, and Steve Carell  are all donating bail funds for everyone being arrested at the protests. Moreover, the former two are calling out the racist remarks made on their contributions.


  -  Don Cheadle and Chris Evans are making donations for the victims and the protesters as well as sharing links for others to do the same via social media.


  -  Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are making donations to fight racial injustice. They also pledged to raise their children to be more compassionate and inclusive of everyone.



Stars Attending Protests


  -  At the Los Angeles protests, Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Timothee Chalamet, and Melanie Martinez were all seen showing support at one time or the other.


  -  Ariana Grande was seen wearing a mask with a sign that read, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Harry Styles was seen taking a kneel with the protesters. They wanted people to pay attention to the peaceful protests rather than the exaggerated property damage as shown by the media.


  -  Halsey was seen helping those being assaulted by the police. She also shared posts to highlight the problems at the riots due to the pandemic, lack of medical help and the wrongful portrayal of the riots in the media.


All of them are using their platform to share awareness as much as possible and increasing number of celebrities are joining the movement every day.




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