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Munzarin Zaman: The World through Her Pink Colored Glasses

Tomboyish by nature, Munzarin Zaman never imagined that she would one day make a business out of roses.


Munzarin attended the International School of Dhaka and later enrolled in the London School of Economics for her higher studies.


While on holiday in Dhaka, during the 3rd year of her undergraduate program in the London School of Economics, Munzarin had a fall and subsequently slipped into a coma after suffering from a brain hemorrhage. It took her 5 days to regain consciousness once her family shifted her to Singapore.

When she recovered to a certain degree, she was surprised to find that the accident had caused people’s attitude towards her to change. People surrounding her had grown more patronizing towards her – they thought that the accident had weakened her both physically and mentally and that her future didn’t seem as promising as it once did. Munzarin, however, didn’t let people’s view of her discourage her in the slightest. If anything, she grew more determined.

“People’s pity and them saying that I am now incapable of many things, drove me to take my first steps to get back on track. I had a point to prove.” – Munzarin Zaman 

“I think it was that accident that led me to take this path. That accident brought me here,” elaborated Munzarin.

Munzarin’s desire to create her own identity led her to initiate La Vie en Rose. But the idea of introducing Bangladesh to a service that specializes in luxury floral arrangements didn’t come to Munzarin overnight. She had to develop her business slowly by investing hours on research. Munzarin spent hours observing the making-process first-hand and understood the science behind the beautiful artistry. After a few test runs, it dawned on Munzarin that the usage of domestic roses was probably not best suited for her venture, so she decided to alter course, deciding to get the roses for her products from Ecuador and Colombia. These flowers, after being flown in, are treated with proprietary solutions by La Vie en Rose and Pantone colors and are then packaged into luxurious, Parisian hatboxes of the customer’s choice. According to Munzarin, these exquisite pieces of floral arrangements which can last up to a year without any maintenance make the best gifts that you can cherish for up to a year.


It has always been Munzarin’s wish to use La Vie en Rose as a platform to empower women. In the past, she has collaborated with notable figures such as Sabikun Nahar and Pinky Peya, trying to bring focus to new age of development for women. Working in a male-dominated culture, Munzarin tries to do as much as she can to promote gender equality everywhere she sets foot in. She has taken it upon herself as the Director of Fakir Apparels to ensure an increase in the percentage of female recruitments. Additionally, she conducts regular financial literacy workshops in which she tries to teach her employees how to make practical budgets and stick to them. Munzarin is currently spearheading La Vie en Rose and collaboratively working with Fakir Apparels Ltd to promote gender equality and empower women and plans on launching multiple platforms in the future to fight the patriarchy!


The driving force behind Munzarin’s sheer will lies in the following lines that left us thinking for quite some time after wrapping up our conversation.

She said: 

 "Knowledge is useless without action."


In Munzarin’s opinion, people should just up and do whatever it is that they want to do. She thinks that people should not have to live with regrets.


“You know how people keep saying that they’re not ready for this and that? That’s all nonsense. The truth of the matter is that you’ll never be ready until you actually do it,” remarked Munzarin.


Munzarin hopes that more and more women will slowly build up the courage to pursue their dream goals. As women empowerment is a subject that is very close to Munzarin’s heart, she wishes to take steps in the future that will increase opportunities for women. As for La Vie en Rose, Munzarin has plans to expand her line of packaging. She intends to bring out hatboxes in the color blue to increase inclusivity and shatter stereotypes, trying to remind people that men also have their share of problems.



Munzarin also said,


“My father never doubted in anything I wanted to do. He believed me when I told him I was ready to move abroad 3 months after my deadly accident. He believed me whenever I told him I was capable of the extraordinary. He blindly gave me whatever I needed to pursue my dreams. He is my lifeline. I hope more men become this figure to more daughters, and more husbands become this figure to more wives. With a little support, we can come a long way.”


Munzarin Zaman did exactly what society said she couldn't do, and way more. 






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