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The Baguette Bag is Back


Fashion trends come and go and this early 2000’s trend is one we’re happy to see come back. Available in a variety of prints and colors, baguette bags have always added versatility and panache to one’s wardrobe. And so, from fine to funky, we take a look at some of the hottest baguette bag styles to add to your latest and finest look.


The Buckle Baguette

A small but nifty accessory, buckles are always an option. Best saved for cooler weather and paired with boots, the Buckle Baguette is also complimented well by fuller fashion flair like blazers and coats.


The Cloth Baguette

As the name suggests, the Cloth Baguette is made of soft cloth. While not as robust as its counterparts, the Cloth Baguette adds a sense of natural comfort. Best paired salwar kameez or kaftans.


The Croc Effect Baguette

These bags tend to appear on most popular lists and are in high demand. With sleek features like a slim body and handles, a chain and an exotic texture, it’s easy to see why the Croc Effect baguette tops the wish lists of many. Pair this bag with an evening dress for dinner or with your casual look for a day around town.






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