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The Real Superheroes We all Should Admire


You don’t always have to be biologically related to children to be a father.


·       You’re a dad if you make time for kids whether by leaving work early to watch them participate somewhere or just staying up with them until they’re no longer to sleep.


·       You’re a dad if you put their comfort and happiness before yours, including when you watch their favourite TV show on repeat instead of your live sports match.


·       You’re a dad if you work twice as hard as you’re supposed to so that kids get whatever they desire.


·       You’re a dad if you constantly worry about the kids’ future but never let them to do so.


·       You’re a dad if you try to be a better person every single day because you know there are kids who look up to you.


·       You’re a dad if you use yourself as a shield to protect kids from any misery or despair.


·       You’re a dad if you take responsibility of kids and make them believe in themselves and that anything is possible.


·       You’re a dad if you give a lot more to kids than they asked for or even realise, and never expect anything back.


·       And of course, you’re a dad if you crack lame jokes that kids groan at.


Father's day can be about step/adoptive fathers as well as about every fatherly figure a kid ever had such as their teachers, older siblings and relatives, and sometimes even their mother.


Each and everyone of them should be acknowledge and cherished.


Happy Father's Day.


You. Yes, you.
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