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You Punch Like A Girl

What does it mean to be a man? Ask any middle-aged man and the probable answer that you will get is men are emotionally and physically strong and stoic creatures that don’t make a fuss about anything. Men don’t cry, men don’t express their emotions, men don’t play with dolls, men don’t wear pink, men don’t go to the kitchen and the eerie list of “prerequisites of being a man” goes on. All these conditions are capable of making men so insecure that an entire generation of men feels insulted when you say that they did something that ties them to the opposite gender. The idea that a man cannot do something similar to a female insinuates men to create a facade that masks their natural personality, which is detrimental to their mental health.


The scenario is changing now since men in our country are learning that this established societal ideology is spurious and misguided.


Here’s a testimonial from one of our contributors to help strengthen our case -I saw a male driver being told, “You drive like a female” to which he replied, “Yes because females drive safe.” I kind of expected a different kind of reply that involved verbal abuse as is common amidst the drivers of our country. The driver’s reply showed me that men are becoming more secure about their personalities.

This era of feminists is encouraging men to be more connected with their emotions. The very idea that men and women are equal encourages men to be themselves without adhering to any social standards. A major portion of our society still ignores men’s emotional needs. Toxic masculinity can have no place in modern society. As to what toxic masculinity looks like, the viewers of “That 70s show” can take Red as an epitome.


To all the men who were ridiculed using the phrase- you……like a girl, I advise you to ponder over this question- Is there anything wrong about doing something like a girl? If not then why take it as an insult? So if someone ever tells you again that you punch/hit/run/throw like a girl, give them a radiant smile and thank them for their compliment.



You. Yes, you.
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