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Rumors About A New Harry Potter Film

Alleged good news, Potterheads!

Rumor has it, that Warner Bros. is in talks about developing a new film for the Harry Potter universe with the original cast returning. You read it right, ladies and gentlemen, actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are rumored to return as adult versions of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

The plot is presumably said to be an adaptation of the hit West End and Broadway show Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The original stage act revolves around Harry and Draco's children, Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy, as they work alongside one another to save Cedric Diggory from his untimely demise during the events of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

So we pray for another Harry Potter film to your God and ours as well.
Till then,
Expecto Patronum!  



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