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Jeffree X Shane: Conspiracy Makeup Collection

Jeffree Star (from singer to makeup mogul) and Shane Dawson are long-time YouTubers, collectively having around 40 million subscribers together. The two polar opposite YouTube personalities have released a new makeup collection under Jeffree Star Cosmetics called the “SHANE X JEFFREE CONSPIRACY COLLECTION”. The build-up leading to this launch is done over the recently released 6 out of the 9-part docu-series filmed by Dawson and Andrew Siwicki called “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star”.

Upon the date of the launch, Jeffree Star Cosmetics suffered a whole website shut-down due to a huge influx of excited visitors entering the platform. It is reported by Business Insider that Shopify, which the JSC’s e-commerce platform is based upon, crashed and they were doing everything they can to get the website up and running again.

Star and Dawson were trying to keep it together and constantly updated their upset fans of the situation. Once the site got online again, it didn’t take more than an hour or so to be sold out of almost everything in the new collection. On the other side of the world, Australia’s Morphe stores have already been sold out from their one week’s worth of it.

This is Dawson’s big break this year, and coincidentally this is the Year of the Pig (his brand image is of a pig). Dawson has been constantly ripped off by his previous business ventures, notably one of them is Amazon where they gave him $4 of every t-shirt he sold there. We are glad to see his new journey in the beauty world and hope to see more stuff coming from him next year.

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