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DIY Gold Nail Designs


Gold has been valuable and desired by humans since its discovery. The aura of gold is most commonly associated with affluence, luxury and power. Gold and gold colors are incredibly adaptable to a wide range of outfits and occasions. That being said, here are some unique and artsy gold nail designs to try for your next get-together or while you’re waiting for society to heal.


1. Gold Abstract Art Nails

For those with an affinity for the abstract, this design is for you! To really stand out with this design, use a blend of patterns, colors and arrangements. Using white a base, layer soft pink, pastel blue, gold polish and lavender with parts of the undercoat exposed. Using the negative space, add small black dots, lines or any shape you fancy on alternating fingernails. Fluidity defines this design so have fun with mix and matching!


2. Cosmic Pastel Nails

Connect with your inner zodiac and showcase your star sign with this trendy style! Suitable for most lengths of nails, this design should aim to reflect French manicures. The end of your nails can be painted an alternative shade like baby pink, lavender or even sky blue. Add interstellar elements like crescent moons or shooting starts to really make it your own!



3. Gold Feature Nail

This design works best with longer nails. To help the gold pop, start by painting the base a nude shade. Cut a metallic sticker into fine pieces with a blade (carefully) and place them in your desired arrangement on the finger you want to highlight. The ring finger is our recommendation. The combination of subtlety and style are sure to make you stand out.


4. Floral Nail Art with Gold Detail

Showcase your fashion style with this timeless go-to manicure. Combine white and baby pink with a floral pattern, and top off with gold embellishments to give your nails a soft and classy finish. Choose three fingers to draw the white petals and add a small gold dot to the center of each. Use a nude or soft pastel pink as a base, over which you can place small pearl and outline desired shapes with gold beads.


5. Gold Glitter Nails with Jewels

While subtlety speaks volumes, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to go extra. This design can be loud but stunning at the same time so if possible, visit your local jewelry craftwork expert. Start by painting the base of your nail gold then begin adding from your preferred assortment of stones. Arrange them in a circular shape in the middle of the bed and add silver dots along the edges of your fingertips to unify your masterpiece.





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