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7 Bangladeshis Win At Aerial Photo Awards 2020


The results of Aerial Photo Awards 2020, an international competition taking place in France, was released on 15th October 2020, and 7 Bangladeshi photographers won awards in different categories! The names of the winners are Md Ali Ashraf Bhuiyan, Touhid Parvez Biplob, Abdul Momin, Azim Khan Ronnie, Md Tanveer Hasan Rohan, Pinu Rahman, and Sujan Adhikari.

The submissions were open from April to September and thousands of images were submitted by photographers from 65 different countries. The competition wanted to bring together talented aerial photographers and the best photos are to be showcased at the Paris Photo Festival, while the rest will be exhibited online due to the COVID-19 outbreak, on 14th-15th November 2020.

Sebastien Nagy, a Belgian photographer, got the title of the best photo of the competition. Azim Khan Ronnie, a TV journalist, won 5 awards and became the runner-up in the Abstract category. Md Tanveer Hasan Rohan also won in the same category.

Pinu Rahman, a senior principal officer, won the 3rd place in the Editorial category. And Md Touhid Parvez Biplob, a businessman, won the 4th place in the Man Made category.

Md Ali Ashraf Bhuiyan, a police official, got awarded in the Special Mention category, and so did Abdul Momin and Sujan Adhikari.

The 7 photographers had previously won several national as well as international awards such as Md Ali Asraf Bhuiyan won the UMBRA International Photography Awards, and Touheed Parvez Biplob got awarded the BPS National Photography Award, Wildlife and Nature Imagination Award and International Salon Reflections Serbia 2018 Award.





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