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The Creatures of a Forbidden Place: A Bengali Girl’s Filtered Inbox

As you take a gander at the wonders of social media, you find people from small-time celebrities to big-time government personnel getting involved. Among all the craziness, we often forget about – perhaps the most entertaining place – the inbox of a Bengali girl.

If you’ve even slightly been active on social media in the last couple of years, especially on Facebook, you have probably witnessed the “appe nyc lagca” and “add me I’m block” phenomena. Of course, that dulled down as quickly as it came into the light like most of the trendy topics out there.


Ambush from the Shadows

The warriors of desperation may have somewhat backed off from their daily work, but the lurkers of the girls’ inboxes remain vigilant. Though some are genuinely trying to get attention, they have become quite the meme of society. 

Subtracting all the creepy and harassing messages, you get some quality entertainment from love confessions to poorly written poetry. Let’s talk about the different creatures crawling in the shadows of the filtered inbox.


The Hi-alarm

The most common type of the creatures will approach you with their silky smooth conversation starters; “Hi, how are you?” and variations of that. Although not very creative, they make up for it by being consistent with their regular vagueness.


The Com-plea-menters

The creativity doesn’t start with this kind but the dedication and approach are noteworthy. You are not getting just the vague greetings anymore. They one-up the Hi-Worms by adding compliments.


Plea in their name shows how desperately they want the attention. Not feeling so well about yourself? Try checking your filtered inbox for the Com-plea-menters because who doesn’t like being called “an angel”, “a princess” or “a dreamy girl”!


The Poetry Meme-stros

These ones are way beyond the levels of the previous two as they unleash their inner Nazrul and Shakespeare to poetically crush whatever comes in their way. But like every other great thing, they have their bane too. It is the very filter of the inbox.

Although some of them bring out their true hidden talents, they usually end up as memes on social media meme pages. Thus, their names came to existence.


How to get rid of them?

To simply answer this question, you can’t. These creatures keep coming back again and again in different shapes and forms. However, one thing you can do is, make your social media privacy and never look at your filtered inbox or keep blocking as they come.

Reading what they have to say can be entertaining to some extent, but it is best not to respond and give strangers a way into your life unnecessarily. Eventually, they will wear out and stop.

You. Yes, you.
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