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Bangladeshi voluntary activist in Texas: Kisma Kamal

Please e-meet Kisma Kamal, a voluntary activist, currently simultaneously pursuing her education at Collin College in Texas, preventing gun use, running her own non-profit organization and starting a socially aware fashion line.

Just 20 years old and full of life, Equality For Everyone Founder Kisma aims to empower underprivileged women and the transgender population in Bangladesh. Her first step towards transgender empowerment was hiring the first transgender employee for her clothing line, Kisma Kamal Officials. She plans to do more once she is back in the country; aspiring to have a dedicated school for the transgender populous so they can one day have equal opportunity to join the workforce.  

Years ago, she witnessed an act of compassion by her mother in Dhaka. An incident took place where a gang of people belonging from the transgender community trespassed into a family event she was attending. On the verge of chaos about to strike, her mother hugged one of the trespassers. A little compassion, that’s all it took. The trespasser gave Kisma's mother her number and assured them that nobody would bother them again.

In a socio-economic setting where the transgender community has close to zero chance of survival, seeing how a little gesture is all it took for them to calm down really changed Kisma’s perspective over a lot of issues.

Kisma is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Empowerment, leading Equality For Everyone and Kisma Kamal Official.

She is also campaigning for a democrat candidate in Texas, is the acting Vice President of Students Demand Action(gun violence prevention group) and secretary of a humanitarian organization called Ignite situated in Dallas.

We wish her all the best for her future journey!



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