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Estee Lauder Sidelines Cosmetics, Focuses On Skin-care


The lipstick index (which refers to cosmetics’ ability to thrive in the face of economic hardship, created by former Estee Lauder Chairman, Leonard Lauder) has lost its luster. Few individuals are going anyplace that needs makeup, and if they are, they’re wearing a mask that covers their mouth. As a worldwide health crisis is keeping mouths hidden behind masks, the “Lipstick Index” simply doesn’t build abundant sense currently. That doesn’t mean the concept itself is dead


Makeup sales have tanked up to 30% globally this year and lipstick in particular has suffered massively. Many employees in places corresponding to salons, restaurants, retail stores and in health care wear masks throughout their shifts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. So cleansing and moisturizing the face before and after using the mask has become mandatory. Estee Lauder’s sales of skin-care products were more dominant than their makeup products even before the pandemic. Reflecting on the current situation, Estee Lauder has focused more on skin care products like moisturizers, in hopes of promoting personal health and hygiene.



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