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Coca-Cola Just Announced Its Tie Up With A Beauty Brand


Wearing clothes/accessories with brand logos wasn’t enough that Coca-Cola decided to launch a makeup line in collaboration with Morphe. It is the first time that Coca-Cola is working with a beauty brand. The limited edition is called ‘Thirst for Life’ and can be ordered online since 18th June 2020!

Compared to Morphe’s previous projects with makeup gurus such as Jeffree Star and Jaclyn Hill, this partnership with Coca-Cola is getting them a bigger exposure to an enlarged audience of all age, colour, and gender. It is being praised by all Coca-Cola lovers due to the chic colour coordination with the beverage. It includes everything needed for a complete face makeover:

i)                 Eyeshadow Palette (18 shades)

ii)                Lipsticks (4 pieces)

iii)              Brushes (7 pieces)

iv)              Highlighters (3 shades)

v)                Beauty Sponges (4 pieces)

The palette includes shade that are matte and neutral as well as that are sparkly and make your eyes pop. ‘The Lip in the Moment’ consists of shiny lippies called Coke-can red, glitter packed caramel, all-gold shimmer and nude pink, and the highlighters of ‘Glowing Places Loose Highlighter’ are named as Bubbly Babe (soft gold), Pop It (Neutral Champagne) and Serve Sparkling (Iridescent Gold Bronze).

The ‘Sweep It Real’ collection is the one with a variety of brushes and it comes inside of a little Coca-Cola themed zip-up bag. Lastly, ‘The Quench Pack’ has red and black-coloured sponges designed to easily sculpt your face.

These products packaged in red white and black range from $15 to $29, and will help you glam-up for any chic day-time event and even the nightlife. So, hurry, quench your Thirst for Life!

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