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Fashion Awards Show Of The Future


The Green Carpet Fashion Awards is being upgraded to become a digital experience from 10th October where the guests would all be holograms!

The event will be held with the help of augmented reality and digital effects, and there would also be a digital green carpet - a virtual portrayal of the glamorous red carpet that would be launched as a website two weeks before the awards, posting stories about designers being concerned about the sustainability of fashion. And, during the event, luminaries would be seen flaunting their style on the cyber carpet.

According to Livia Firth, the founder of Eco-Age, that is collaborating with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana on the GCFA, holograms would be a part of the project as they wanted to do something unique due to all the online shows starting to feel behind the times in terms of the possibilities with technology these days. She also said that it would be “a magical portal into a new era”.


There are going to be awards for diversity and social justice, with cobblers, tailors, and seamstresses being celebrated to value their style and craftsmanship as they work tirelessly behind the scenes to create such wonderful wardrobes and inspiring accessories. Firth said, “When you shift the focus away from what you’re wearing to the story behind it, and you talk about the people who made it, suddenly it isn’t just about the glamour and superficiality”.

Giorgio Testi is directing, with the project being produced by Pulse Films, the designs by NorthHouse and the holograms by ARHT Media. Usually only celebrities attend such fabulous events, but now anyone can get access to the videos, on YouTube, letting GCFA host global audience to show them how grand these experiences are.

This occasion is using altered materials and improved wholesale models to reduce waste and bring about dramatic changes in the fashion industry. It is encouraging people to imagine a future with reasonable and relatable fashion.




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