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Truefitt and Hill – 200 year-old men’s luxury grooming brand comes to Bangladesh

We spoke to the CEO of Truefitt and Hill Bangladesh – Mahira Husain Khan about the 200 year old men’s luxury grooming brand from the Great Britain and their journey to Bangladesh.

Truefitt and Hill is a premium barbershop that has been recognised as the finest traditional gentlemen’s barber and perfumer in London, providing discerning gentlemen with the best in grooming for over 200 years.

So, what made Mahira bring this grooming delicacy to us?

She had been exposed to the world market after getting her Undergraduate Degree from the London School Of Economics and working for Brac for two years after coming to Bangladesh. She couldn’t help but take notice of the growing hospitality industry in Bangladesh, and after her father prompting her to bring Truefitt and Hill here, the franchise’s fate was sealed in Bangladesh.

Although,the grooming giants have been around for more than 200 years, it has only been 5 years since they have franchised out of England. Bangladesh is their second stop after India.

Truefitt and Hill associates came and visited Dhaka and felt it was a good market for them.

To ensure the Truefit and Hill standards, barbers, managers and therapists were sent to the certified Truefitt and Hill Academy in India where they received first-hand training. Furthermore, trainers from the academy were also flown in for a month to Bangladesh to train the men and women at Truefitt  and Hill.

The Academy in India is upheld by Truefit and Hill and associates from England provide the necessary training required.




The academy ensures that every barber, manager and therapist is apt for providing you with the same level of premium service, so that you don’t have to have a specific barber or therapist. They all promise excellence.

The esteemed barbershop is providing two membership offers (Royal and Classic) that let you avail all of their services as many times as you want year round for a flat-fee.

The Royal Membership allows you full access to their services 7 days a week, while the classic membership only lets you avail their services on weekdays.


Mahira says Truefit and Hill Bangladesh plans on opening two new stores in Bangladesh, showcase their products online for customers to buy from the comfort of their homes and are in talks with partnering up with big multinationals in Bangladesh providing them with a close shave and cut, a manicure to die for and the absolute best in hospitality!

Till then, happy grooming!




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