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LG’s Curious Smartphone Design


LG Wing is the newest contender joining the smartphone arena with its’ dual screen design. The dual screen design was previously attempted with their V50, G8X, V60 and Velvet models, but LG is hoping the Wing will finally be able to break design and functionality barriers. The biggest advantage of the dual screen display is enhanced multi-functionality. There is still much speculation behind the stow-away function of the phone’s secondary display as only videos of an already open, in-use display have been released. One video showed the phone running a road navigation map on the main screen along with music playback/ call controls on the secondary screen. Another video showed a racing game being played on the main screen with a live in-game map displayed on the secondary screen.

“Mass premium” is a new marketing strategy currently being tested by LG, which is evident based on the LG Wing’s specifications. Rumors suggest the phone will feature a 6.8-inch main display, 4-inch secondary display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series processor with 5G support, an Adreno 620 GPU, and a triple camera with a 64MP primary image sensor.

The LG Wing will set you back roughly $1,000 and can be expected to hit the markets this fall in the U.S.





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