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The Royal Family Rules of Travel


Like everything in their life, there is a certain set of rules that the Royal Family members must follow when traveling. The following help them look glamorous in what they do, even though we all know how stressful travelling may be at times.


Carry Black OutfitThe Royals are expected to carry a black outfit with them. This is to prevent them from being seen in bright coloured garments which will be considered inappropriate in the occurrence of death of a family member or a prominent figure.

Heirs Travel Separately The Royal heirs are not allowed to travel together so that if the worst happens to one, the other one will survive to take the throne. Prince George was an exception and travelled with his parents, but this won’t be permissible when he gets older.


Take Own BloodThe Royals are suggested to take bags of their own blood type, so that if there is ever a medical emergency, there is never a lack of blood donation. So far, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles are known to do this.


British Airways RecommendedThe Royals must use British Airways whenever possible to support the UK economy. And the times they used private jets or other airlines, they received immense backlash from the people of UK for not showing solidarity.


Keep Visits ShortThe Royal trips are almost always too short. They rarely get the time to relax and explore. It doesn’t matter how world-famous or picturesque the place is, they are not seen in one area for more than 40 minutes.


Be Culturally Aware  The Royal family is expected to learn about the country they’re visiting to be aware of their culture, customs, and even language, so that they are always kind and respectful, and don’t accidentally offend anyone.

Limit all PDAThe Royal trips may seem beautiful and exciting, but they mostly travel for official engagements. So, their public display of affection for one another should always be limited for them to look professional.

Color-Coded LuggageThe Royal family has a system for their luggage. The ones for Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, have yellow tags, Prince William has blue tags, and Prince Charles has red tags while Princess Anne has green tags.


Accept All GiftsThe Royals must accept all gifts that they receive on their trips, but all of them technically belong to Queen Elizabeth II who then decides what she wants to keep for herself and to give to other members of the family.





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