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Baap ka beta: The Wholesome Facebook Page Spreading Happiness

Shuvasish Bhowmick, the head of business development at Unigas, a leading liquid petroleum gas company and his six-year old son “Rituraj” have been spreading wholesomeness and jamming together ever since Rituraj was six months old.

The feature of the week is “Baap ka beta”, the father-son duo that aims to bring sweet covers of classic Bangla songs to us every week through their Facebook page, which has 26,000 followers.

In almost identical clothes, and a breath of positivity Mr. Shuvasish plays the guitar for us, while Rituraj keeps the beat flowing with an egg shaker.

We managed to get a sit down with Mr. Shuvasish Bhowmick and this is what he had to say.

“We get so tangled up with work and life’s hurdles, we often forget to prioritize a good time. And who better to spend quality time with other than your family? So I try to get together with my son at-least once a week, to do something fun.”

Starting out as an exercise to keep Rituraj away from mobile phones, it has now turned into a community that is 26,000 people strong.

Mr. Bhowmick used to sit in front of his wife playing songs to Rituraj even before he was born. He wishes to come back to these videos in the form of time capsule years from now. It’s his gift to his son.


He hopes the videos inspire more and more people to connect better with their children, be it through creative avenues or something else.

The father-son duo wishes to go plugged as Rituraj grows up, and aspires to pen down some originals while they’re at it!

The page hopes to inspire parents so that they can help their children find their latent talents. 

Till then, happy listening, ladies and gentlemen!

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