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Paper Boutique - Crafting Happiness




1. Give us a glimpse of who you are.

We are just a bunch of friends being smart together. We start our day thinking what has gone wrong today. We laugh about it for a bit and then spend the day solving it. Struggle & stress is probably there in every small business, but I guess it makes it a lot better when you’re solving it with your friends.

The concept is not something we thought of forever rather an opportunity we did not want to miss. The Paper Boutique is not a brand; it’s a chill! It’s a bunch of friends being creative and smart. It was literally a ‘oh cool let’s try to do something out of the box and bet on it’ sort of an approach.



2. What was the inspiration behind The Paper Boutique?

In every sector of the wedding industry, there is a brand who stands out from the rest. There is someone who does exceptionally out of the box and very premium event decor. There is a make-up artist who is unique and works with a natural skin tone. There is a photography team who takes candid photos like no one else does. But there was no one who took premium wedding cards & premium Dalas to the next level; enter The Paper Boutique.



3. How many members do you have in your team? How has the journey been so far?

The best part of the paper boutique is that all of it is run by us friends. We are a friend circle who thought ‘we might as well work when we chill’. 2 of us started this brand and now we are a team of 6; all of us from the same friend circle.

The journey has been rather a very big ‘hanging out’ session or a ‘chill’ as we call it. To be honest when we started it we were all over the place. We kept messing up because the whole concept was so new. But like everything else; you learn and get better.



4. What challenges did you face at the start of the venture? How did you overcome them?

Experience, lack of knowledge, and most importantly what happens when a bunch of friends work together; you work less and focus on more fun stuff.

Overcoming problems are always easy; you learn and get better. On a bad day at work, at least you have a friend to pat you in the back at the end of the day; that is light on the end of the tunnel.



5. What type of decor does Paper Boutique offer? Which one is your personal favorite?

That’s the best part of The Paper Boutique; there is no specific decor we offer. Everything is customized and always a newer concept.

Our personal favorite has yet not been shown yet; stay tuned ;)



6.  Walk us through the process of creating your fanciest products

Our transparent wedding cards has been the buzz of the market. Everybody has been talking about it since we launched it. Our translucent wedding cards are definitely a fan favorite too.

Our premium Dalas are one of a kind; both concept & execution.



7. Where do you see The Paper Boutique in the next 5 years?

We have a definite vision for the next 5 years which we don’t want to disclose right now. But in 2 more years you will see a Paper Boutique Australia, a Paper Boutique Canada; footstep on the global market.




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