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Who's Your Daddy? - Our Top Picks for Dapper Dads Across the Globe

This meme right here spoke to countless young women the first time they saw it. Trust us when we tell you, people in their 20s can very well relate to it. Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of the very hot dads around the globe who are bound to make you swoon!

1. David Beckham – Yes, of course this was a no brainer! This man is basically the personification of perfection. He’s got the looks, he’s athletic, he has the accent, he’s heavily involved in charity and he’s a family man! Does that sound like a dream or what? A father of 4, he’s always seen out and about with his children be it at a basketball game or riding a bike. Combining that with his incredible athleticism and involvement with social causes that include working with children, makes him the most obvious name on this list.  



2. Ryan Reynolds – Best known for bringing ‘Deadpool’ to life, Ryan Reynolds has made his mark as one of the hottest dads to exist with his hilarious tweets dripped with millennial approved dad humor. As if being one of the most loved superheroes wasn’t enough to make you swoon, he upped his hot dad game by showing dedication towards helping the society, recently by donating $1 million to help migrant kids. Can he get any better?

3. Saif Ali Khan-With his clean shaven baby face, he made quite the impression of being charming when he started his career in Bollywood. As he slowly climbed up the ladder of success, his appearance changed as he embraced a rugged look. If that transition into a hot dad isn’t enough for you, maybe you’d be a bit more sold at his incredible on screen character portrayals. Your favorite Netflix inspector is also quite the humanitarian supporting causes that have helped natural disaster victims, underprivileged children and has also donated money to training Olympic athletes. That’s hot, right?

4. Idris Elba – A Golden Globe winning actor who also writes, sings and is a producer? Has an English accent? Was named one of the 100 influential people in the world by Time magazine? Is involved in various social causes that include – youth and children welfare, cancer, the disadvantaged and AIDS? There, you’re sold!

5. Shakib Al Hasan – How could we have a list of hot dads without our very own? Sure, he’s very family-oriented and that’s super hot but you know what’s hotter? The fact that he continuously maintains his ranking of the #1 all-rounder in all 3 formats of cricket. He has single-handedly taken up the responsibility to be the pride of the nation and has done an incredible job at that, carrying the green and red flag on his back with nothing but pride. And you know that makes him a hot dad!

Yes, we know there are like a million other hot dads who deserve their own spot. Maybe, we’ll bring you another list some time in the future. Fingers crossed!


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