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Boom Supersonic: Airplane Aiming To Fly Anywhere Within 4 Hours


The aviation industry has been hit quite hard by the pandemic and it looks like it won’t be getting better anytime soon. Plane fares have been going up and down depending on cities and countries but one thing’s for sure, the travel companies and airplane manufacturers are working hard to bring down the time taken for traveling. With the increasing risk of global warming, there’s been pressure on the aviation industry to cut carbon emissions worldwide. Besides, many of us haven't set foot on a plane for over a year. So, the aviation industry is in a crisis. Despite all the adverse situations, the manufacturers of airplanes aren’t stepping down from bringing out innovative ideas into reality.



A startup from The US has developed a supersonic airplane that is said to travel three times faster than now available commercial jets. The recently developed Mach 2.2 airplane, developed by Boom Supersonic is still in its testing phase. It aims to reduce carbon emission as well as increase efficiency in travel time and costs.


The Concorde supersonic jet which flew from 1969 to 2003 was a British - French Airliner mostly known for its expensive budget and its disastrous effect on the environment. After it was closed down,there has been no further development in travel times.



The CEO of Boom Supersonic Blake Scholl aims to break the time barrier instead of the sound barrier. The aircraft is designed to seat between 65 to 88 people and would take just three hours to reach from New York to London. Also, a journey from Los Angeles to Sydney would take roughly eight hours.



Boom Supersonic wants to pick up where Concorde left off and wants to focus on economic and environmental sustainability. Their ultimate vision is to make traveling a lot easier, mainly travel to any part of the world within four hours, that too for just a hundred dollars.



As per its founder and CEO Blake Scholl's statement, the Mach 2.2 commercial airline is expected to be in the air by 2026.







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