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The Kylie Effect : Who else has made it big in the fashion game except for Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner took the beauty industry by storm when she rocket-launched her oh-so-popular liquid lip kits, giving rise to a trend that is still in in the beauty community, over three years after its launch. But is Kylie the only one making waves in the beauty and makeup world? In this article, we’ll be looking into three of the most high-profile and high-value players in the beauty industry that even Kylie herself looks up to.

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The Iron Throne of Influence: Kylie Jenner

The Kardashians require no introduction, Kylie Jenner even more so. This woman, at the age of 15, was made fun of by thousands of people for not meeting the then idea of “beautiful”. But now, at 21, she is possibly the most influential beauty persona to millions of girls all around the world.

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Pulling off a ‘Effie Trinket’ - the desi way

How does it feel when you pay zero attention to what others think of you? Fabulous, right? Well, that’s what the character of ‘Effie Trinket’ from Suzanne Collins’s ‘The Hunger Games’ is all about -where Effie stays dolled up to bits with her unapologetic attitude and pays no heed to what others think about her. This article is about celebrating yourself and dressing remorselessly.

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Don't Miss Out On the Craziest Feat In The World of Fashion : Androgynous

A man wearing a traditionally feminine outfit would be deemed as an androgynous fashion statement.