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The Secret behind Feeling Cooler during Ramadan (The Perfect Post-Iftaar Treat)

The Prestige has conducted strenuous research to bring you the perfect Ramadan platter that is guaranteed to make you feel cooler. With temperatures rising up to 33 degrees, (which feels like a 1000 degrees) food that reduces your body temperature, and in simpler terms makes you feel cooler on the inside can make all of our lives a lot easier. So, feel cool, with cooler food choices. Here we go:

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Bushra Khan discusses Lean Nation EATS

It’s hard to imagine food in Bangladesh without overflowing amounts of oil and calories. Sometimes, we’re aware of how we’re assaulting our gastric systems and our health but end up doing it anyways. This, however, is not the case with Bushra Khan who took her vision of a healthy lifestyle and carried it forward to spearhead Lean Nation Eats, which provides a one-stop solution for calorie counted ready to serve meals at their outlet in Chef’s Table throughout the day.

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3 Food Combos for a Healthier Iftaar

Here’s the Prestigious list of food to try out this Ramadan to work your way towards a healthier Iftaar

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Plate to Impress Your Date

Food should not just be edible but aesthetically pleasing as well. So, if you are planning on cooking for your date, your food must look magnificent.

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In Conversation With Daniel Rahman and Naorose Bin Ali: The Men Behind Boma Burger

Burgers became a huge thing in Bangladesh only recently. Daniel Rahman and Naorose Bil Ali come in with explosive burgers posing just one question: are the sloppy burgers dunked in honey mustard sauce really the best you can do? They decided to not only introduce Bangladesh to what burgers should be like but also how it can be made into something of our very own.

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Food Pairs You Never Thought Could Work

Pairing certain kinds of food can create matches made in heaven, it’s almost as if they were meant to be, like pizza and cheese or simply, daal and bhaat. But have you ever thought what it would be like pairing up the wrong ones?