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Don't Miss Out On the Craziest Feat In The World of Fashion : Androgynous

A man wearing a traditionally feminine outfit would be deemed as an androgynous fashion statement.

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What More Can Eggs Do For You

The fringe-benefits associated to egging have been so trending lately that its perks can hardly be exaggerated. After all, it is the best protein treatment one can offer to counter xenophobic ideologies, either by direct consumption or a slight bump in the head. While, eggs could very well be the answer to global disputes today, they can also be the ultimate solution for most of your skin and hair care problems at the same time. Read away to find out!

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Technology : Now and Then (1990 Vs. 2021)

From the uncontrollable nagging of parents and their sympathizers alike, it is undeniable that technology has become a significant part of our lives. Which must have made it difficult for adults in the 90s to grapple the state of technology currently. Kudos to most, though, for adapting quickly. From the medicine you take to the car you drive, technology plays a role in every sphere of your life. Technology has progressed quite a bit since the ’90s and it is ever-evolving.

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Which of His Personas Do You Boyle Down To

If you’ve ever watched Brooklyn Nine Nine, you must know that even though Jake Peralta is the star, Charles Boyle is the best friend that everybody wants, despite how “cringey” he can be sometimes. But Boyle is much more than just that. He reflects the weird side in all of us. I mean, you have to admit that a dry boy IS a smart boy. No? Just us? Okay.

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Food Pairs You Never Thought Could Work

Pairing certain kinds of food can create matches made in heaven, it’s almost as if they were meant to be, like pizza and cheese or simply, daal and bhaat. But have you ever thought what it would be like pairing up the wrong ones?