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A Stable Job or Entrepreneurship? Living His Passion - Kashef Rahman, Founder of ShareTrip

Founder of ShareTrip, Kashef Rahman shares with us his journey of how he started the company.

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A Special Curation For Mrs. Manzur

Letter From The Beamers

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Sausan Khan Moyeen, The Lady Behind Enchanted Weddings

The gorgeous Sausan Khan Moyeen, shares the story behind the emergence of the Enchanted Events and Prints and how they are coping up with the battle against CoVid-19. She's the founder of of O'Play and the Enchanted Events and Prints.

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Interview with Raba Khan

Raba Khan is widely known for releasing satirical videos which attempt to address entrenched social issues and stereotypes in Bangladesh through comedy. She has made a name for herself owing to her hilarious videos, has been selected as one of the honorees for Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia Class of 2020.

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Work from Home 101

Because of the recent outbreak of a disease called Corona Virus Disease, or CoViD-19, many companies had to let their employees start working from home. This article outlines some important factors to keep in mind to make you focus on work, because it really does get very easy to get distracted at the comfort of your own home.